About us

We are the Prague’ destination management company We organize and provide personalized assistance for individual as well as group travel experiences at the highest level.

We provide our services throughout whole Europe. We are mainly specialized and focus on tours and extraordinary experiences for groups and individuals in central Europe (Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Berlin, Munich, ...). Just contact our experienced staff an you will get in touch about your requirements immediately.

Service portfolio

Division Economy caters of the groups and FIT traveling throughout Europe.

Division Premium luxury caters of hi-demanding clients from all over the world traveling to central Europe

  • Accommodation
  • Transfers
  • Guided Tours
  • Special programs — golf tours, weddings, fishing tour, culture tour, etc.
  • Unique Experiences
  • Car rentals
  • and much more

Main benefits

  • Optimal package and pricing for all segments
  • Personal quality control of local providers services
  • Best rated European destinations
  • Unique experiences 
  • Staff and guides in your language

About Dream Tours

The idea of Dream Tours started in 2010 and an idea became reality in one year. Three friends and travellers with background in travel agencies, hotels and international business founded a travel agency based in Prague, Czech Republic.

Dream Tours started focusing mainly on the tours for groups in whole Europe. The vision and idea of the founders is simple. Dream Tours to be all Europe partner for the travel agencies which are based far away (Asian and American market). Last years Dream Tours started providing also luxury services for VIP clients in Central Europe.

Viktor is the brain and power of Dream Tours. His knowledge and experiences about travelling started from his elementary school and first trips to Europe and Africa. During the years Viktor has been working and took care from the low-cost travellers up to VIP hi-end clients. His experiences and the leading of Dream tours give the guarantee of quality, professional attitude and client’s satisfaction.